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Kitchen Remodeling

Why Your Kitchen is the Most Important Room in your House?

It is the of Your Home!!

Schander Remodeling realizes that the center of your day-today-living is your kitchen. Your kitchen and/or dining area is where the day begins, ends, and serves as a bonding area that ties your family and friends together. A functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen is the key to draw everyone in to the heart of your home.

A "kitchen" is now a multi-purpose room, and not just for cooking anymore! Today's kitchens often include a small computer/office area, a flat-screen TV, and additional seating areas. According to Professional Builder Magazine, it is where over 50% of families spend 90% of their waking time. At Schander Remodeling, we work to translate your vision---and perhaps your unrealized needs---into a design that maximizes the desired functional use and amenities.

A well-appointed kitchen is the interior space (other than the master bath), is where the most value can be added during the future sale of your home. Renovating or building a kitchen is one of the most important investments you will ever make in your home. The more our Schander kitchen designer knows about you, your family, and your lifestyle----the more we can assure you the perfect outcome within your budget.

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Sometimes cabinetry stays in the same shape as when you originally had them installed. Re-staining them can be a cost effective solution. You can always opt to replace them as cabinetry can come customized to your specifications.

Types of kitchen cabinets:

Flooring and Countertop Options

Kitchen flooring and countertop choices abound in so many different materials and colors. It can be overwhelming as a consumer to make the correct decision. It is important that your choices are not only beautiful, but also durable, and easy to clean. At Schander Remodeling, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process from start to finish to ensure your long-term satisfaction.

Kitchen Flooring

Your choices include stone, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, bamboo, cork, properly treated wood, laminates and more. Our Kitchen design specialist will help you make the best selection that perfectly fits your family and activities. Newer products on the market can also be environmentally friendly.


Kitchen Remodeling

Your selection of a countertop material can either match your flooring in color and material or it can be a complimenting contrast. If you are looking for years of durability, popular choices include granite and quartz. They are stain, scorch, and scratch resistant and are very easy to keep clean. Laminates and tile are other options, however are more vulnerable to scratches or knife cuts. All of these materials can be integrated into backsplashes.

The finishing touch to your new kitchen is your selection of the kitchen sink(s) and faucet(s). With Schander Remodeling, we will help you select the sink and faucet duo from the vast styles that succeed in both form and function.

Our team at Schander Remodeling, Inc. can turn your kitchen dreams in to a reality. Call us at (219) 561-1188 or or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

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