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Custom Cabinets

Custom Bedroom Cabinets

While the options in stock cabinetry and mass manufactured furniture is expanding, there are many reasons why people are choosing custom built versus prefabricated or big box stock furniture. Although many people may dismiss the idea of “custom” as being out of their budget range, custom furnishings are often times the most practical choice. At Schander Remodeling, our craftsman can design and construct the consummate of custom pieces including cabinetry, bookcases and tables in our 3000 foot carpentry shop.

Why Choose Custom?

Not everyone lives in a big open planned space with unlimited design specifics. Homeowners deal with oddly shaped spaces or spaces that have no relation to standard furniture sizes that mass production depends on. Conversely, a large open layout needs spatial division elements for organization and comfort.

Store-bought furnishings are not designed specifically for your family’s room size, needs or lifestyle. Perhaps your specifications and needs do not comply with the “industry standards” such as height or depth pertaining to cabinets. If you or a member of your family has special needs, our craftsman can make any furnishing to your exact specifications.

Another consideration for “custom built” could be your awareness of environmental issues and possible health concerns. If you don’t like the idea of living with glued-together processed wood left over from clear-cutting and leaking toxic gases, keep in mind that mass-produced furniture is often built with such products.

The most obvious benefit of choosing custom is that you do not have to make compromises. As our client, you are 100% involved in the design process. You are in control of choosing the style, type of wood and finish, trim or molding details, and hardware. If you are trying to replace or duplicate an existing cabinet, or finish, our Schander Remodeling expert can create the perfect match.

Custom made cabinets or furniture is a means to address all of these issues and need not bust your budget. To match space and function needs it is essential to collaborate with our Schandler Remodeling craftsman who will help you spec exactly the size, shape, and features that you want and need.

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